Creating Value In Space of Things 

We're early stage global VC investing in Digital Intelligence

Disruptive technologies are our air to breathe

We invest in founders around the world and leverage our knowledge and networks to grow successful businesses Our sweet spot is digital technology


High-growth businesses with massive potential for scaling up: (A) IoT & AI Technologies as device connection, data sensing, communication & data analysis (B) SpaceTech as BigData, Wireless, Sensors & M2M data exchange (C) Industry 4.0 as practical utilization via integrated applications & platforms


We act as supportive Partners bringing added value. With over 60 years of combined international business experience in PE / VC / direct investments, strategy, banking, M&A, business development, restructuring and revitalizing of companies, we know how to create competitive venture business models, realize synergies and grow businesses


IoT & SpaceTech are the core technology progress drivers for the following decade: • Over $250bn to be spent on technologies, products and services in IoT market. Devices and machines IoT connections to exceed 100bn by 2025 • Small satellites demand to grow 7x times by 2025 supporting IoT development


We invest at early stages and our typical investment size is between $50k-$1m


We leverage our experience as entrepreneurs and VC investors in Digital Intelligence


Easol is the all-in-one platform for managing entire experience business — smart booking, payment, and marketing tools that all work together.


Kunduz is making test prep 10x faster and cheaper than any private tutor or private course. It provides instant answers to students’ test prep questions through its tutor network.


Keedgo is afterschool and youth activity communication and tracking SaaS platform.

Exact Farming

Exact Farming provides monitoring services of fields for agricultural companies worldwide. The combination of high-quality and daily imaging from satellites & terrestrial sensors allows to make soil & zone analysis combined with crop rotation history.

Helios Wire

Helios Wire brings the satellite-enabled M2M and IoT connectivity to the mass market. Company develops vertically integrated & satellite-enabled monitoring and messaging service that allows tracking & communication with up to 5bn devices worldwide.


Prodly is the platform for managing complex data deployment. It’s a tool for populating sandboxes with test data or moving reference data for complex applications, such as the CPQ Salesforce app, into production.


CareerTU is the online digital marketing school for Chinese students.


Unfurl is the multi-brand virtual restaurants for online delivery. It provides a unique cuisine collection for conscious foodies by empowering creative micro-chefs, it’s a ghost kitchen curator.

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